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DowntownRP 2.0:

- Money Printers
- President and his unique functions
- Handcuffing, Tasing, Detained/Arresting
- Fining and Confiscating
- Fine System (Police Department)
- Vehicle Storage
- Real Estate purchasing (permanent)
- Vehicle garage that comes with purchased real estate
- Fuel pump
- Locations system displayed on the HUD
- Arms Dealer
 - Ordering weapons
 - Package depot to pick up ordered ammo/weapon shipments
- Farmer
- Purchasing Plots
 - Purchasing Water Buckets
 - Supermarket to buy/sell crops/seeds
 - Permissions to give to people you hire to look after your farm
- Freddy's Bakery
 - Purchasing foods quickly
 - Limited inventory
- Notification system
- Clothing Store
 - Purchasing Clothes (Suits)
 - Adding Appearance tab in F1 Menu to change clothing and save.

In Progress:

- Main Menu (F1)
- Chef renting
catering industry buildings
- Vehicle Selling
- Vehicle Imports
- General stuff, Prop Limits, Prop restricting, Door names
- Fishing
- Fuel station; toolboxes, fuel canisters