Xite Roleplay

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DowntownRP Rules:

[General Rules]
1. You may only speak english on our servers.
2. Do not break "New Life Rule" this means you can't go back to the place you died before for atleast 5 minutes.
3. Do not kill people randomly (RDM), only kill with a RP reason.
4. Do not metagame.
5. Do not build unrealistic constructions or use unrealistic materials.
6. Do not build highly fortified buildings especially if your role cannot fund it IC. (Mingefortress')
7. Do not build custom cars using props etc.
8. Building riot shields in fights or using them in fights is not allowed.
9. Do not prop surf, prop kill or prop climb.
10. Do not run/walk with your Physics Gun, Gravity Gun or Toolgun. (Physrunning, Gravrunning, Toolgunrunning)
11. Use weapons at last resort. Try to roleplay your way out or accept your mistake.
12. No spamming in chat and/or microphone.
13. You require to have a RP name. Not names like "Adolf Hitler". You will get asked when you join the server to choose a name.
14. Do not change your job name to somthing such as northside gang. There simply isn't a gang in the server.
15. Do not run away or take out a weapon when guns are being pointed at you. (FearRP)
16. Always roleplay an injury (PainRP)
17. Do not do unrealistic RPs or act in a manner that your character wouldn't while doing their job. (FailRP)
18. Do not Backseat Administrate, Meaning you should not enforce other people to play by the rules.
19. Hitman, Sniper roles are not allowed.
20. Respect other players.
21. Respect admins.

[Building Rules]
1. Do not build a fading door directly behind a regular door, You need an opening for atleast 2 players to fit inside.
2. Do not build more than 2 custom doors which are not public in a row. Your friend's doors are counted as well.
3. When you build custom doors using the fading door tool you must place keypads and/or buttons on both sides.
4. When building fading doors you are not allowed to hide the keypad or button.
5. When your fading door opens it is suppose to be open for atleast 5 seconds.
6. Do not build on the roads. You can only weld things such as roadblocks.

[Raiding Rules]
1. Mugging a government member is not allowed or when they are watching you.
2. When you're mugging someone on the streets or in an alley. You can only ask for $200.
3. When you're hostaging someone, You can ask a maximum of $2,000.
4. Black market dealers can not raid.
5. Thieves are not permitted to kidnap or take anybody hostage.
6. Releasing friends or members from jail is not allowed.

[Mafia/Rebel Rules]
1. Mugging people is allowed. Requires 2 Mafia/Rebel Members.
Mugging in a city that has no goverment is not allowed.
Shooting police on sight is not allowed.
Mugging the goverment is not allowed.
Maximum limit for mugging is $200.
Taking hostages only with valid RP reason. Money is not a reason.
Rebels and Mafia cannot team together against goverment or anyone else.
Do not perform any criminal act without a permission from the Mafia/Rebel Leader.
Mafia cannot be paid to be hitmen nor mercenaries.

[Mayor Rules]
1. Money printers and weed are always illegal and can not be made legal.

[Police Rules]
1. You can not be corrupt when you are a government official.
2. You can not change your role name to something Government related if you are not the correct role.